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"We like Abby Hutto so much because she is a real girl, with a real and redeemed life.  You know immediately, she is fully loved by God and in love with Him.  So much laughter and joy, and then tears as you listen to her unpack what God has revealed to her.  She was able to help the women at my church experience Spirit led studies of Scripture that reminded them of who God is--He is their champion."

- Josie, Columbus, OH

"It can be difficult to find a speaker who has a dynamic understanding of Scripture, a life-changing love for the gospel and a heart for those that are receiving her teaching. Abby has a rich appreciation for the grace of God and shares the truths of Scripture so that conference participants are invited into a richer relationship with Jesus. She is honest, and applies biblical truth to real life, while always remaining aware of where we stand in the story of redemption. The way she cared about each woman present at our retreat made her feel like family."

-Meaghan, Ashburn, VA